TelespondUSA performs telemarketing services, seeking business owners interested in selling for various business brokerage agencies nationwide.
Personalized Checklist
Personalized Checklist


Our primary goal is to generate leads and appointments with business owners who have expressed an interest in:

  • Considering: Selling Their Business

  • In-Person Appointments:  Meeting with an agent in your office, in person, on a specific time and date

  • Phone Appointments:  Agreeing to a phone conversation with an agent of your office on a specific day and time

  • Receiving Information:  Agreeing to accept information from your office regarding the services you offer

​Another very important goal is for TelespondUSA to make an impression on the business owner that is a compliment to your office’s image and reputation


TelespondUSA understands the importance of our being a complimenting factor in your office's relationships with business owners in your community.  

For that reason, we use USA based operators who have pleasing voices and accents, and who make a soft, non-confrontational and low pressure presentation during each call. 


USA Based Callers
USA Based Callers
TelespondUSA Customized Call Lists
Customize your call list by Area, SIC or Sales


TelespondUSA obtains its calling lists from InfoUSA at no additional cost to you.  We allow a broker to review our calling list prior to the start of a project, so you can eliminate names from the list of people you choose for us not to call.  When we ask you for your preferred criteria, the following are questions you should expect from us:
  • Area Preference:  The most popular selection is by sectional center.  This is territory coverage of 3-digit zip codes.  We can provide a map upon request.  We can also run searches by county and state.  City and area code selections are also available
  • SIC Code or NAICS Code Preference:  You may select any SIC/NAICS code or just let us know what types of businesses you looking for and we will work on the rest.  Popular selections amongst brokers include:  manufacturing, wholesale/distribution and B2B service, retail, construction, transportation and communications. 
  • Annual Sales:  You may choose businesses with different levels of annual sales.  The ranges are customizable but popular choices are the $500,000 to $5,000,000 range.


After we learn about your brokerage and services, we will send you a custom script which you can further customize.  Our custom scripts include a “Free Eval” version, no mention of an eval and includes who we are calling of behalf of, your services, appointment setting, information requests and email address retrieval.  The best scripts are the shorter versions and to the point.  


Personalized Calling Scripts
Personalized Calling Scripts


Now we are ready to begin your project generating warm leads for you to work.  Leads will be emailed to your email account as soon as our phone call is complete with the business owner.  You will receive the lead with the contact information for the business owner, including mailing address, contact phone number and most of the time an email address. Additional information such as a short survey will be completed.  Finally the comments made from the phone call will be included.  


After we receive your criteria, approval of the list, approval of the script and approval of a start date, we will ramp up the project and begin generating seller leads for your brokerage office, saving you the time and money of cold calling on your own and allowing us to do what we do best and allowing for you to do what you do best:  GETTING THE DEAL TO THE CLOSING TABLE!!     Contact us today to begin your newest marketing  project  at                 (417) 501-4090 or email us at sales@telespondusa.com.  

You can even click here and schedule a time for us to call you back.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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Our telecom experts will do the work for you, to get you more leads for your listings, leaving you to focus on your clients and listings.